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Advanced Podiatry Clinics are open Monday – Friday 9:00am til 5-30pm. We are also open Tuesday & Wednesday evenings, & Saturday mornings at Salisbury Northcare.
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Podiatry Clinic Hours

  • Monday - Friday :: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
We are also open Tuesday & Wednesday evenings, & Saturday mornings at Salisbury Northcare.

Podiatry Clinic Locations

Find your closest Podiatry Clinic or view directions with our Clinic Locator CLICK HERE
  • Angle Park 40-44 Trafford Street. (08) 8300 7200
  • Athelstone 335 Gorge Rd. (08) 8336 3900
  • Brahma Lodge 52 Cross Keys Rd. (08) 8258 4736
  • Craigmore Yorktown Rd. (08) 8255 9695
  • Klemzig 78 OG Rd. (08) 8369 0444
  • Modbury North 8 Deborah Grove. (08) 8264 7824
  • Para Hills West 33 McIntyre Rd. (08) 8465 1700
  • Pooraka 803 Main North Rd. (08) 8260 2677
  • Pooraka 138 Bridge Rd. (08) 8349 8999
  • Prospect 209 Churchill Rd. (08) 8269 1796
  • Prospect 188 Main North Rd. (08) 8269 2888
  • Salisbury 16 John St. (08) 8258 1732
  • Salisbury 192 Park Tce. (08) 8250 7557
  • Salisbury North 127 Whites Rd. (08) 8258 8988
  • Unley 75 Fairford St. (08) 8272 6130
  • Wynn Vale 2 Sunnybrook Dr. (08) 8289 5711

Podiatry Articles

Tips for healthier feet

Tips on caring for your feet. Your feet take the weight of your entire body, so foot problems can promptly result in discomfort as well as impact...
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Choosing shoes for sport & activities

Proper-fitting footwear make all the difference whether you walk or run. Running as well as walking are among the purest, most natural kinds of...
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The right work shoes for you

Lots of women have quite demanding tasks that require their footwear to hold up to various kinds of working conditions. Having the ideal shoe for...
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Spoil your feet & make them feel great

It's easy to take our feet for granted. They're simply there, tolerating a host of difficulties, from being jammed into high heels and elevated to...
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When its time to see a Podiatrist

We all experience foot pain at some point in our lives. But when does foot pain necessitate a visit to a podiatrist? Podiatrists treat many...
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Do Athletes Suffer More From Nail Fungus?

Toenail fungi, the same bugs that cause athlete's foot, squeeze under toenails and hide. Foot sweat combines with the toe jam and toenail fungus to...
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5 ways to take care of your feet daily

Your feet are possibly the last part of your body you consider-- up until they start hurting. They're as well vital to forget, though: With some 26...
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Keeping your feet and toenails clean and healthy

Wash your feet. Wash your feet in warm water every day. Use exfoliating body or foot soap and scrub everywhere. Make sure you scrub your toenails!...
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