1. Wash your feet. Wash your feet in warm water every day. Use exfoliating body or foot soap and scrub everywhere. Make sure you scrub your toenails!
  2. Soak your toenails in warm water. Soak your toenails in warm water for about 5 minutes to reduce damage.
  3. Clean your toenails. With all of the use we get out of our feet throughout the day, they are going to get dirty! In order to clean your toenails, take a toothpick, and place it under the white tips of your toenails. Once it is under the white, start picking away all of the dirt.
  4. Clip your toenails. Clip your toenails down to a nice, even length. When trimming your toenails, make sure your don’t go below the end of your toe. Failure to do so may result in an ingrown toenail. If you do have an ingrown toenail, trim it as soon as possible to prevent infection.
  5. File your toenails. This will just make sure they are even. Be sure not to file your skin!
  6. Shave away any dry skin. Use a scrubbing utensil that has the same material as a nail file does, and rub away the dry skin.
  7. Soak your feet. Use your preferred foot soak and let your feet sit in a bowl filled with it for as long as instructed.
  8. Pad your feet dry. Don’t rub. Your skin is very delicate and you want to be careful with it.
  9. Moisturize your feet. Use your favorite body or foot lotion and rub it in.
  10. Repeat this process once a day and you should slowly see your feet getting better.
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